Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Yes, it is really true! Our very own Bayfield, Wisconsin based Team Chippewa WON the 13th ANNUAL ST. CROIX INTERNATIONAL REGATTA!!!

As an unknown contender, Chippewa was able to crash the party with relative obscurity until she showed her consistent ability to cross the finish line within the top three places. The St. Croix regatta is the first of a three regatta series, the C.O.R.T. , with Culebra and the BVI Spring regatta making up the other races.

Keither Stauber provided the following brief summary from St. Croix, "Our race scores were 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 3, 5, 6 for a total of 23 points. The second place boat had 33 points. The wind was always from about 85 degrees and the first two days it blew between 6 and 12. The last day it was about 16 and we did not do quite as well."

With less than two weeks to clean, rig and make Chippewa ready for speed, Dave and Kim West returned to Chippewa on 2/7/06 from a three week African adventure led by Gennifer Reed of Reed Realty, Bayfield. Joined by a portion of their crew early in the week of 2/13, they sailed from Virgin Gorda to St. Croix on a rough 60 nautical mile crossing to St. Croix where the rest of the crew arrived to complete their nine person team.

Team members for this regatta included: Dave and Kim West, Sam Solhaug, Dick Kalow, Tammy and Erik Walstrom, Keith and Kinnan Stauber and Chris Juntunen.

Part of the crew will spend several days recuperating with some team members returning to the midwest and other's joining the team for the next series, the Heineken Regatta at St. Maarten, March 3 - 5, 2006.

Click HERE for results from the St. Croix Regatta, Feburary 18-20, 2006.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Keith Stauber said...

The racing was wonderful and the companionship was even better. The entire trip was most enjoyable.

I am attaching some pictures that start with our departure from Virgin Gourda on the delivery. The pics continue and show the view from our abode overlooking the eastern end of St. Croix.

The Yacht Club, Blue and White Stripe, has an extensive dingy fleet, which most of our clubs need to build, and is the social center of the community. There are a few pictures of the Green Cay Marina where the boat was kept.

We had one day to view the natural areas of St. Croix and have included those pics as well.

Back to the racing: The races took place in a protected cut between St. Croix and Buck Island to the North. If the wind was from the NE it favored the Buck Island side of the course. There seemed to be a left shift there that turned into a right shift shortly before the weather pin. The waves were smaller as well.
It was, however necessart to watch the wind strength near Buck Island and not to overstand the port lay line so the right shift at the end of the beat could not be used.

When the wind shifted more to the east there might have been an advantage to sailing straight up the St. Croix Island Reef on the right side of the course but we were only there once or twice and did not seem to benefit. The courses were quite short, maybe a mile and a half legs, and we didn't really have a good opportunity to find the best downwind lanes.

When the wind was up the Melges 24s, Tarten Tens, J24s, J29s, Olsen 30s had a lot to offer but Chippewa and the J145 were able to leg out better when the wind was softer. Another day or two on the boat and the upper wind settings would have been better figured out.

If you are waiting for your turn to sail Chippewa you should be getting anxious as the boat is in great shape, the weather is beautiful and the people you will be sailing with are even better.

Thanks to Kim and Dave for all.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous John Nielsen said...

Kim, Dave and crew, Congratulations from your friends in Bloomer!! Keep posting notes and updates. Good luck next week.

John & Nancy Nielsen
Bloomer WI

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Robb Harriss said...

it's a rotten job, but someone had to do it.
Conrats guys

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Kinnan Stauber said...

One of my favorite comments about our crew was, "We saw you all wearing lifejackets, so we didn't think you were very good sailors." I guess we proved them wrong. Appearances can be deceiving, and perhaps a good cover!


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