Saturday, January 28, 2006

We Have Lift Off! 1/14/06

Chippewa floated off of Dockwise at 13:45 this afternoon. I found no damage from the trip. The engine started, the hull floated and the mast pointed skyward. We had made a reservation in a marina next to the cargo docks but with such an early offload we headed East. After 1 hour of taking waves over the bow we entered the more sheltered waters of Pillsbury Sound. We contemplated stopping at Cruz bay and staying ashore but decided against it. We continued East until we ran out of daylight. Kim and I are sitting in Watermelon Bay, St. John, USVI on a Park Service Mooring. We spent 2 hours rearranging and reassembling to create 2 berths. Sardines in tomato basil, brie and Ruston Cabernet provided much needed sustenance. Ten other boats share the bay. Chippewa is having emotional issues. She is a track star stuck at a Jenny Craig meeting. She is confused by the long absence of her crew. She longs for a start line and a sail change. It is dark, partly cloudy, 80 degrees and breezy. I better put on a jacket. A fish just jumped beside the boat. The only noise is from the park ranger's barking dog. He is moored 50 yards away. The bark sounds all the world like "shoot me please, shoot me please". The full moon backlights the clouds and stars push through the cracks. We should arrive Virgin Gorda before noon tomorrow. We will spend the remainder of the day and all of Sunday prepping Chippewa for her lonely vigil awaiting our return. We depart for deepest, darkest Africa Tuesday a.m. I do believe at least 10 hours of off watch are in order.
Dave and Kim


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